JPCC Scholarship Program

The purpose of the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition Scholarship Program is to support the further education of Juneau high school seniors who are devoted to the education and advocacy of a woman’s right to self-determination of her reproductive life.

We at the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition (JPCC) are committed to women’s access to safe and legal reproductive health services and believe that young people play an integral role in this movement.

Toward this end, in 2018 the JPCC will award up to two $1,000.00 merit-based scholarships on a competitive-basis to students who have displayed a commitment to these values.


Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition Scholarships are open to all Juneau high school seniors. Applications and supporting materials must be submitted to JPCC no later than June 1, 2018. Scholarship awards will be announced soon after.

Application Form

PART A: Please click here to download the application packet.
PART B. -Then use this link to complete the application form online.

Thank you for your interest!